Last year, 120 local companies stepped forward to support Pink Dot when 13 multinational companies were told they could no longer do so.

This year, we’re calling upon even more companies from our Little Red Dot to join in. Be a part of the movement that’s helping our society progress to be more open, understanding and inclusive.

The Pink Dot Movement

Pink Dot SG is Singapore’s most prominent lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride event. 

A volunteer movement created and organised by Singaporeans, Pink Dot seeks to promote greater understanding, inclusion and acceptance of the LGBT community; to ultimately bring them closer to their family, friends, and to the country where they belong. 

The annual Pink Dot rally at Hong Lim Park has grown both in size and stature since 2009. Its ‘against the odds’ success story — fueled by its strong online and social presence — has inspired Pink Dot movements across the globe.

You can find more information at, or follow our Pink Dot SG Facebook Page for the latest news and updates.

Why Red Dot for Pink Dot?

Pink Dot SG has always been an event organised by Singaporeans for Singaporeans. As it grew in size and stature over the years, corporate support for the movement also increased. 2016 Sponsors included Google, Facebook, Twitter, Barclays, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BP, Bloomberg, GE, NBCU, Apple, Microsoft, Visa and Clifford Chance.

But the rules governing Hong Lim Park were changed abruptly in 2016. And these corporations — not majority owned by Singaporeans — found themselves no longer able to support such events at Hong Lim Park. Fortunately, the Singapore Government at the same time also clarified that local companies — with a majority Singaporean ownership — were welcome to step forward to fill the vacuum left by these multinational sponsors.

In response, Darius Cheung (CEO of initiated the Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign, with the goal of bringing 100 Singaporean companies onboard as sponsors of Pink Dot 2017. Together with Carolyn Kan (Founder of Carrie K.), Adrianna Tan (Founder of Wobe), Bjorn Low (Founder of Edible Garden) the 2017 Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign exceeded expectations when 120 companies signed on as supporters.

The 2018 campaign to support Pink Dot SG — celebrating its 10th edition this year — hopes to build on this success. Helmed by Darius and joined by Ho Kwon Ping (Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings), Adrianna Tan (Founder of Wobe), Gwendolyn Regina (Founder of SGEntrepreneurs), Royston Tay (Founder of Zopim), Goh Yiping (Venture Partner, Quest Ventures), and Mohan Belani (Founder of e27), the Red Dot For Pink Dot campaign continues in its aim to be the platform for Singapore business leaders across all industries to lend their support towards inclusion and diversity in Singapore.

Follow our Red Dot for Pink Dot (RD4PD) Facebook Page for the latest news and updates.

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Business Leaders

supporting Pink Dot

This year, we celebrate the landmark 10th edition of Pink Dot. But the road has never been easy and organisers continue facing challenges in their aim of supporting the Freedom to Love. The movement’s ongoing success has always been credited to the people who work tirelessly to support the cause, who contribute time, money and experience to shaping it into what it is today, and who come out in droves to participate in the event at Hong Lim Park.

Likewise, people have always been the most important thing to us at Our business is centred around fulfilling the fundamental human need to find a home, and we built a workplace free from discrimination so that everyone can be the best versions of themselves at work. We firmly believe that this open-mindedness and inclusion can only better us as a nation.

It is with this belief that we set up the Red Dot for Pink Dot sponsorship drive in 2017, calling on corporate Singapore to sponsor the event, and take a stand for inclusion and diversity. I was very heartened that 120 of our local companies came forward - the response was phenomenal and sent a strong statement that Singapore companies, like their multinational brethren, do care about building a more inclusive and accepting Singapore.

But this small win does not change the fact that the road remains long. Inequality and discrimination against LGBT people still persist. Recently, we saw a gay dad’s bid to adopt his own biological son fail, and we also heard news that the Registry of Marriages annulled a transgender couple’s marriage. Many LGBT people call Singapore home, and we hope that one day, Singapore will truly be a home for everyone.

To my colleagues and friends in corporate Singapore, I hope you will join me and our past sponsors in helping to in spreading Pink Dot’s message of inclusion and acceptance, and take a stand against discrimination, prejudice, fear and ignorance.

Darius Cheung

Business Leaders

supporting Pink Dot

I am personally inspired by how the Pink Dot movement has blossomed to become much more than a narrowly gay rights campaign. It has become the metaphor for inclusiveness, and the fact that young families with children chose to celebrate the ideal of an inclusive society with picnics and games on Hong Lim Green, gives hope to me as a senior citizen with a three-year grandson (and more on the way), that Singapore will Some Day set a shining example to a divided, hate-filled and fractious world that our vision of cohesive diversity can be real and thriving.

Ho Kwon Ping
Executive Chairman, Banyan Tree Holdings

Business Leaders

supporting Pink Dot

I am a business leader, social activist and writer. None of what I do would be possible if others had not made a stand for me, so that I could flourish in openness and inclusivity. Now, I want to do the same for everyone.

Taking part in Pink Dot is not about advancing political agendas. It’s about being counted for what we believe in. I believe that a better Singapore is one that cares for its least privileged, for the people on our fringes, for the ones who cannot freely be who they are.

As we grow into the second decade of the 21st century, it’s time to ask ourselves some hard questions. What will Singapore look like in 2030? 2050? Every step we take today leads us towards a future. We're at the fork in the road: do we choose fear, or do we choose love? I choose the latter.

I believe our tiny nation can be a beacon of freedom and prosperity in our corner of the world. Come to Singapore, where you can be your whole self, do your best work, be treated fairly in spite of and because of who you are. Live in Singapore, where you can attain opportunities in spite of and because of who you are. I hope, too, that my family can be a part of the Singapore story.

Adrianna Tan
Founder, Wobe

Business Leaders

supporting Pink Dot

I come from the world of startups and technology where we see the world being remade in small pieces all the time. Some of these tiny bubbles of innovation then grow to be such gigantic masses of force that have no choice but to sweep the world. If you use any kind of technology, you’ve been impacted by these forces. The multitude of software you use on a daily basis all started as tiny bubbles of innovation. They can only be because of the diversity of minds remaking the world.

Just like how we can’t help but dance, run or tinker with computers, in matters of the heart, sometimes we can’t choose who we love. It is this diversity of hearts that the world also has and that we should embrace. The many perspectives of the human race is what enables us to thrive.

I support Pink Dot because diversity is what makes us stronger. Diversity is what enables humans to have had as much progress as we have in the world today. I urge all individuals and companies to also embrace the breadth and depth of our fellow human beings. It is only by welcoming the full spectrum of minds and hearts that we can continue to make the world better than it was yesterday.

If we only had one type of person, one type of company, and one type of software, the world would be a retrograde, stagnant place.

Gwendolyn Regina
Founder of SGEntrepreneurs

Business Leaders

supporting Pink Dot

My resumé as a Pink Dot supporter is admittedly non-stellar. Growing up in a conservative family, I attended a single-race, single-sex secondary school. Equality issues were preached in theory, but with few natural opportunities for discourse and discussions. Like many in our society, I was once dispassionate, albeit sympathetic towards inclusivity causes.

That all changed when I starting running a startup (Zopim, acquired by Zendesk). I was given the privilege of working closely with people from all walks of life, and this valuable experience has strengthened my belief that Nature creates each of us a little differently, but she never discriminates in distributing skills, talents and opportunities amongst us all. Hiring without bias opened our doors to the best talents. More importantly, it adds diversity in opinions which is critical for all-rounded innovation and growth.

With introspection, open-mindedness and loving kindness, I believe all Singaporeans are capable of seeing discrimination for what it is, and being a voice for Pink Dot’s ever-growing movement to bring equality to the LGBT community.

Royston Tay
Founder, Zopim

Business Leaders

supporting Pink Dot

As a startup founder and investor, we have always firmly believed in seeing the best in people. This means looking beyond one’s racial group, socio-economic status, family background, sexual orientation or gender identity, and giving them the opportunity to learn and grow, in an environment they can truly be themselves.

I’ve been fortunate to know success in work and in love. I couldn’t imagine denying someone these same fundamental rights just because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. I believe we are responsible for and entitled to our own happiness and this right should not be taken away by someone else.

It is high time that society comes together to celebrate true inclusion and embrace diversity, united as one, to keep thriving together and make our homeland, Singapore proud. Come join Red Dot for Pink Dot, and help us make this a reality!

Goh Yiping
Venture Partner, Quest Ventures

Business Leaders

supporting Pink Dot

We at e27 have always believed that great ideas can make the world a better place. We have seen this happen all over the world, regardless of people’s backgrounds, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. Ideas are the drivers of growth in today’s world, and we believe that great ideas should be championed and spread for good. Ideas have the power to shape a nation, to inspire people for positive change and to transform the way we live and think.

The idea that is Pink Dot is one that we think will have an important, and positive, impact on Singapore’s landscape. Pink Dot has dared to think differently, challenging all of us to accept and embrace the notion that a diversity of beliefs, ideas and viewpoints are important in the development of a society.

Through our contributions via Red Dot for Pink Dot, we wish to take a stand against discrimination, and encourage everyone to be champions of amazing ideas that we hope will one day make the world a better place for all of us.

Mohan Belani
Founder, e27

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Message from

Pink Dot SG

“We are very extremely grateful and touched by this effort from the local business community. Pink Dot SG has received a lot of love and support from our sponsors over the years, and this Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign has shown that there are many Singaporeans who not only feel strongly about the importance of the freedom to love, diversity and inclusivity, and are also willing to step up to the plate to be counted.

It is our hope that like-minded Singaporeans will continue to do so as we move towards a Singapore where everyone can be accepted for who they are, regardless or race, language, religion, sexual orientation or identity.”

Paerin Choa
Spokesperson, Pink Dot SG

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S$ 5,000
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