Frequently Asked Questions

Simple. Because it’s the right thing to do!

All around the world, leading companies like Google, Facebook and Apple have taken a stance against LGBTQ discrimination to not only support the LGBTQ talent in their employment, but to demonstrate that they support equal rights for all and are actively cultivating a safe, inclusive and fair working environment for EVERYONE.

Your contribution helps us build a fairer and more inclusive society. LGBTQ Singaporeans routinely face discrimination in homes, schools and workplaces due to outdated laws and unfounded prejudice towards sexual and gender minorities. Pink Dot SG strives to create a Singapore where LGBTQ people are accepted and treated as equals by advocating for change and promoting dialogue between the LGBTQ community and the general population. Your contributions help us turn our plans into reality.

In addition to helping us defray costs, signing up as a sponsor also signals to your customers, employees and other stakeholders that your company believes in and wants to build a Singapore where everyone is equal, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Through Red Dot for Pink Dot, organisers also hope that this signals to society that more and more Singapore companies believe in and support diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace.

Pink Dot SG raises funds each year to pay for the organisation of the annual event and the other activities which it holds throughout the year. For the annual on-ground event, costs incurred include the rental of logistical elements such as lighting and sound systems, tentage, waste management, security personnel and barricades.

Additionally, sponsorship funds are also used for the production of content, such as our campaign videos and event videos, and cover administrative costs, such as the running of our social media pages and websites. Pink Dot and Red Dot for Pink Dot are completely run by volunteers who do not receive any payment for the time they have contributed to making the event happen.

Sponsors can contribute any amount that they want, but our online sponsorship portal is only able to accept sponsorship amounts in 4 specific tiers, namely, S$500, S$1,000, S$5,000 and S$10,000. If you wish make a cash sponsorship outside of those tiers, or for sponsorships in kind, please contact Pink Dot SG directly at [email protected].

Our S$500 Blush tier is newly introduced in 2021 as a means of making sponsorship more accessible to businesses in a post-pandemic landscape.

Yes, companies can raise money however they wish in order to support this Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign. However, we are not able to accommodate requests from potential sponsors to promote their fundraising activities on our platforms.

As Pink Dot SG is not a registered charity with IPC status, contributions to the Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign are unfortunately not tax deductible.

Though your company will not enjoy tax deductions as a result of its contribution, it will be credited as a Red Dot for Pink Dot sponsor, and acknowledged and recognized as being one that is proudly taking a stand for diversity and inclusiveness in Singapore.

All funds will be channeled towards the organisation of Pink Dot SG. The Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign is initiated because we share the same hope as Pink Dot SG that Singapore can be a place where every Singaporean, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity can truly call home.

Red Dot for Pink Dot will not be taking any administrative fee or commission for managing this campaign.

The organisers of Pink Dot SG will share how the funds received through this campaign were utilised – this will happen after the annual Pink Dot event, at a meeting that all sponsors will be invited to.