Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a “Singapore Entity”?

For companies:-

  • The company must be incorporated in Singapore;
  • More than 50% of the directors must be Singapore citizens;
  • More than 50% of the shares of the company are held by Singapore citizens or Singapore entities.

For partnerships or LLPs:-

  • The partnership or LLP must be registered in Singapore;
  • More than 50% of the partners must be Singapore citizens or Singapore entities.

What does it mean if my company has a 49% stake that is owned by a non-Singaporean?

So long as the majority of the shares of the company are held by Singapore citizens or Singapore entities, the company can still contribute to the event even if some of the shares are held by non-Singaporeans.

I have one / several employees in my company who aren’t Singaporean – can we still sponsor Pink Dot?

As long as your company meets the criteria of a Singapore Entity, the company can contribute to the event. The criteria do not apply to the nationalities of a company’s employees.

My company is not flush with cash, but we do want to lend our support. Is there a minimum dollar value to my contribution? Or can my company donate whatever amount we want?

The Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign will only be able to accept donations in three specific contribution tiers – SGD$1,000, SGD$5,000 and SGD$10,000. If you wish to contribute an amount outside of that tiers, please contact Pink Dot SG directly at [email protected].

Could my company raise funds independently – whether through an dedicated event, a special service or product, etc – so as to have enough funds to support this cause?

Yes, companies who are Singapore Entities can raise money however they wish in order to support this Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign.

As a contributor to this, would I get anything in return? Are my donations tax deductible? 

As Pink Dot SG is not a registered charity with IPC status, contributions to the Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign are unfortunately not tax deductible.

Though your company will not enjoy tax deductions as a result of its contribution, it will be credited as a sponsor of Pink Dot 2018, and acknowledged and recognized as being one that is proudly taking a stand for diversity and inclusiveness in Singapore.

Are there any accountability processes in place for the funds raised?

All funds will be channeled towards the organisation of Pink Dot 2018. The Red Dot for Pink Dot campaign is initiated because we share the same hope as Pink Dot SG that Singapore can be a place where every Singaporean, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity can truly call home.

Red Dot for Pink Dot will not be taking any administrative fee or commission for managing this campaign.

The organisers of Pink Dot SG will share how the funds received through this campaign were utilised – this will happen after Pink Dot 2018, at a meeting that all sponsors will be invited to.

Foreign companies have been dissuaded from sponsoring Pink Dot. Will local companies risk disapproval from the government if we step forward?

Foreign companies are dissuaded from sponsoring Pink Dot because the government believes that domestic social issues like the acceptance of LGBT citizens are best supported by Singapore entities without foreign influence. The new rules are set in place so that Singapore entities are free to support and sponsor events such as Pink Dot.

Pink Dot had 120 sponsors last year. Isn’t that more than enough? Why should my company sponsor the event this year?

Pink Dot raises funds each year to pay for the organisation of the annual event at Speakers’ Corner and to help finance activities such as the production of its campaign videos, as well as hard administrative costs. These include the rental of logistical elements such as lighting and sound systems, tentage, waste management, security personnel and as of last year, barricades. Pink Dot and Red Dot for Pink Dot are completely run by volunteers who do not receive any payment for the time they have contributed to making the event happen.

In addition to helping us defray costs, signing up as a sponsor also signals to your customers, employees and other stakeholders that your company believes in and wants to build a Singapore where everyone is equal, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Through Red Dot for Pink Dot, organisers also hope that this signals to society that more and more Singapore companies believe in and support diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace.

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