Business Leaders

Darius Cheung,


Despite the strides we have made over the past decade, there’s always more to be done, more milestones to be reached in order to create a level playing field for all individuals to exercise the Freedom to Love.

When I look at, I am always asking myself what more can be done to build a safe and inclusive workplace where people have peace of mind to give of their best at work, without being judged for who they go home to at the end of the day. While 99ers have carte blanche to come to work each day as the most authentic versions of themselves, I am mindful that this is currently still the exception, and not the norm in corporate Singapore.

With each passing year, we continue to make inroads and progress towards a more inclusive country. Till this becomes an integral part of the fabric of society, we should never stop spreading the message of love and diversity, as leaders entrusted with building and guiding organisations.

I urge you, my fellow colleagues and friends in corporate Singapore, to be part of Red Dot for Pink Dot. We do this not for ourselves, but for our families, loved ones, friends and colleagues so that inclusion and acceptance are core values which define Singapore, a #HomeForAll.

Kathy Teo, Xpointo Media

Founder and Managing Director

In partnering with Pink Dot SG, Xpointo believes that we are making a statement that diversity and inclusion are important values to our company. Broadcasting our commitment to these values is good for business.

We are delighted and proud to step up and stand for a more inclusive, just and equal Singapore. Xpointo welcomes talent, clients and partners who embrace these values too.

John Chen, Aloha Poké


Having worked in an international organization and being the co-founder of a local business, I recognize that diversity is a strength of immeasurable value. There is no place for prejudice in the workplace, and I encourage everyone to embrace our differences.

Goh Shu Fen, R3

Co-founder and Principal

The backbone of our little red dot is our egalitarian ethos, our belief in meritocracy regardless of colour, race and religion. Our aspiration to be exceptional because nobody owes us a living. For me, any discrimination is a deviation from this ideal.

If we as Singaporeans, do not believe the pledge that has galvanised this country, then who are we? If we as business leaders, do not practice meritocracy, then who are we? If we as a community do not see past our differences and love our LGBTQ family and friends, then who are we?

My business has prospered from diversity. My family is grateful to our LGBT friends for their generous friendship and love, that they continue to give, despite the odds against them. This inspires us to do the right thing. To lend our voice.

Tracy Phillips

Director, PPurpose

When is prejudice okay? When is it right to hold onto dogmatic beliefs rather than investigate our own hearts and minds for answers? When should we forget about treating others as we would want to be treated? I know that most people would answer never to these questions and yet this is what we advocate for when we uphold an archaic law like 377a in Singapore.

Throughout history, civilisations have had to constantly reassess their systems of belief to become a better and more inclusive people and I know that it is thanks to those who came before me, who questioned the status quo and who stood to be counted that I enjoy many of the privileges I have today as an independent woman and member of society. This is why I’m supporting Red Dot For Pink Dot, because I feel that the time is long overdue for the LBGTQ community in Singapore to be treated fairly and in accordance with a secular and just nation. I also think that in today’s world, it is the actions of our business leaders that will have the most immediate impact on people’s daily lives and so have the responsibility to spearhead positive change. I think together we can prove that acceptance, inclusion and compassion is the real vote of the majority.

Ho Ren Yung

VP- Brand HQ | Banyan Tree Group

‘Freedom to love is a basic human right, a core value built around diversity and inclusion. We are living in an increasingly divided world. 

The ability to reach across the spaces between us, for dialogue and co-created understanding, is what will keep us safe.”